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Mission/ Vision

Our Mission/ Vision

L.I.F.E. Tanzania accompanies families on their way out of poverty!

  • Strong families in Tanzania whose children do not have to grow up in orphanages due to poverty
  • Equal chances and education, not only for sponsored children
  • A safe home for families within a stable community
  • A dignified LIFE┬áin Tanzania

That is what L.I.F.E. stands for!

Development Goals

As a Tanzanian Initiative with close contacts and partnerships in Germany and the rest of Europe, our work and goals are based on the UN Agenda 2030 and the goals for sustainable development, which are also actively pursued by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany. We hold the opinion that nobody should live in poverty and that only fair support on an equal footing can promote sustainable growth. We also believe that no schoolchild should go hungry and that women, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and big sisters should have the same opportunities for professional success and an independent income. Goals that can be achieved through comprehensive career advice, legal education and the care of their children or wards. With our programs we focus on helping people to help themselves and support high-quality education, sustainable community growth and fair living conditions as well as a climate-friendly development culture by relying on renewable, clean energies and water supply in all of our projects.


Buying instead of Renting

There is no comprehensive tenancy law in Tanzania. A contract termination of a rented property is possible at any time and often times without prior notice. L.I.F.E. will take root in the community in the long term and is dependent on an easily accessible location. Repeated and involuntary moves due to dismissals endanger the projects and are costly. In addition, the land prices and construction costs in Tanzania are still very affordable. By building our own center, it is possible to design a building that exactly meets our requirements and needs of a community center. It is also possible to focus on renewable energies and sustainable management. Recurring costs in the form of rent payments are eliminated and ensure greater cost efficiency in the long term.

Renewable Energy

Tanzania is in the immediate vicinity of the equator with a high number of sunny days throughout the year. Hardly any other energy source is therefore more obvious than sustainable solar power. Solar panels cannot only generate light, but also supply full houses and facilities with energy. The energy supply of the L.I.F.E. Community Center will be completely covered by renewable energies. Bottlenecks in the energy and water supplies are part of everyday life in Tanzania. Renewable energies can ensure a more reliable and cost-efficient supply of facilities and houses. The exclusive use of clean energies also means that we are ecologically sustainable.

Financial Independence

Pandemics and natural disasters show how important it is to be as financially independent as possible and not solely dependent on donations from abroad. Our programs are structured in such a way that they are at least partially self-financing. Income is generated from fair contracts.

By building social housing, rental income can help cover some of the costs of the L.I.F.E. Community Center. In addition, families are not only supported by L.I.F.E. but asked to contribute to our organization according to their possibilities.

Future Programs

Woman Emergency Drop-In Center

In Tanzania, the numbers of domestic violence and pregnancy among underage girls are alarmingly high. Victims of domestic violence and rape are often rejected by their families because of shame, lack of education and religious views. There are far too few institutions in Arusha that can temporarily accommodate women in need and help with rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Through education and training and after the initial aid, L.I.F.E. will provide women in need with a stable basis for starting a self-determined life!

Social Housing

The city is growing at a rapid pace, and with it not only the demand for jobs, but also the need for affordable housing. Living space will be created in which families can live safely and in dignity.

After the completion of the Community center, L.I.F.E. plans to acquire further properties to build sustainable social housing. These apartments will be rented out exclusively to people in need, preferably to single women and families who live in particularly precarious living conditions. The rents will be set well below market value so that families with very low incomes can also afford them.

A safe home means security, health and confidence for all generations of a family. Every single family member has the chance of development!